• Rubbish Clearance Newbury
    We clear what you don't need fast and hassle free. Give us a call on 07965 223572
  • House Clearances
    We can take care of house clearances
  • Garage Clearances
    We also do Garage Clearances. We would need to come see it in person to give you a price for this.
  • Garden Clearances
    Garden Clearances
  • Bulky Waste Removal
    White Goods, Beds, Mattresses, Sofas etc.
  • 07965 223572

  • info@manandvannewbury.co.uk

Single item furniture disposals


  1. Same day waste disposal
  2. We work weekends – NO Extra Charge
  3. Sameday or next day Collections
  4. Waste Transfer notes and Receipts issued
  5. Experienced junk removers
  6. Fast and Reliable


  1. Rubbish Clearance
  2. Furniture Disposals
  3. Electrical items disposals
  4. House Clearances
  5. Garage Clearances
  6. Garden Clearance

Rubbish Clearance made easy

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